Make an Offer for WooCommerce

Make an Offer for WooCommerce plugin is an advanced deal creator. It helps customers negotiate the price for products they want to buy. Make an Offer gives you to create a “pay what you want”, “make an offer” pricing system where customers can either buy at the listed price or make a custom offer.

For example, If a visitor of your site wants to buy a product from you, and your listed price isn’t right for the visitor, he will simply leave and look for a better deal elsewhere. With Make an Offer plugin such visitors will be able to send their offers on products and this is a great chance to make a good deal and become a customer.  

Use Make an Offer to grow sales, build trust and engage your customers!

How Make an Offer Works

When a product's price is open to negotiation, customer will see a new button that says Make an Offer. By clicking that button customer will be prompted to enter their offer price. The seller will then receive customer offer via email and will have the option to accept, reject, or counter customers proposal.  Counter offers to continue via email until a price is settled. Once that's done,  customer will be notified by Sellers Store how to proceed to checkout.

Make an Offer for WooCommerce Live Demo

Make an Offer for WooCommerce Features

  • Effortless online price negotiations
  • Digital re-engagements between buyers and sellers
  • Improves the selling process
  • Convenient step-by-step negotiation mechanism for your customers
  • Customers can edit offers while negotiating
  • Customers can see negotiation history
  • Customers can add messages to their offers
  • Seller can add messages to customer
  • Easy and intuitive backend for sellers
  • Sellers can accept the client offer or counter offer
  • Store owners can see all the information about the deal at one place
  • Archive irrelevant and outdated deals
  • Email notifications for new offers, accepted offers, and when the order is received
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Compatible With WooCommerce 2.6.x, WooCommerce 2.5.x, WooCommerce 2.4.x, WooCommerce 2.3.x, WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x,
Software Version WordPress 4.6 ,
WordPress 4.5 ,
WordPress 4.4 ,
WordPress 4.3.1 ,
WordPress 4.3 ,
WordPress 4.2 ,
WordPress 4.1 ,
WordPress 4.0 ,
WordPress 3.9 ,
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