WooCommerce dropdown cart

Shopping cart is an important element of your ecommerce site. The WooCommerce default cart doesn’t allow your client checking cart directly and they get annoyed when they need to search how to check cart list or being redirected to another page by default. Reducing user-friendly experience is affecting your sale volumes.

Therefore,  to improve the process with an extension like WooCart Pro for WooCommerce.

WooCart Pro makes ecommerce websites look friendly and professional, giving customer’s pleasures when reviewing products that they have chosen in shopping activities. With this plugin, users can update or remove products from cart in a much easier way, without reloading the cart continuously.

wocommerce dropdown cart.jpg

So it helps customer decrease time for shopping process in your store and this is a big factor that helps you sell more.

What can we do with WooCart Pro for WooCommerce?

  1. Review shopping products list on cart
  2. Change quantity of products on cart
  3. Remove products from cart
  4. Display add to cart popup
  5. Enable floating cart
  6. Add cart to menu without coding
  7. Customize cart with many options

To know more about plugin for creating cart, check WooCart Pro page

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