Rewiev on Prices by User Role

We're thrilled to share that an article has been written about our powerful plugin, Prices by User Role!

In that article, you can dive into the amazing features and benefits our plugin brings to your WooCommerce store. Discover how you can easily set different prices for different user roles, create personalized pricing tiers, attract wholesalers with custom pricing, and so much more.

Read the article now to unlock the full potential of Prices by User Role and find out: 

  • Why Should You Set User Role-Based Pricing for WooCommerce?
  • Some Notes About the Prices by User Role for WooCommerce Plugin
  • Main Features
  • How to Create WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Based on User Roles?
  • How to Hide Product Price Based on a User Role?

Don't miss out on this valuable resource that can revolutionize your pricing strategy and enhance your customers' shopping experience. Get ready to boost sales and drive customer loyalty with Prices by User Role!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and tips on how to make the most of our plugin. Have any questions or need support? Reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to help you succeed!

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