How to register users for specific role on WordPress site?

Are you making use of WordPress roles to separate your site’s community of users and display different price rules? If your user determines his own role, it is important to allow him to select it at registration.

We recommend WP Roles at Registration which adds a dropdown select to your registration form. It gives your customers the ability to select the roles which will be displayed as options during registration. After installing you need to choose roles which will be displayed on during WordPress registration.

choose-roles-to-be-displayed-duringregistration  .jpg

And here is result:


You can use this in combination with another plugin, such as Prices by User Role (to create custom role and setup specific pricing rules for this roles) or User Role Editor if you need only custom roles and change users permissions for your web-site.

We hope we’ve been able to help you how to build a WordPress registration form where users can choose the role type.

To know more about plugin for creating pricing rules, check WoCommerce Prices by User Role

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