How to Create a New Role and Assign It to a Specific Customer

When using our plugin, Prices by User Role, you can create as many roles as you want and come up with special prices for each one.

But how to assign a new role to a user, or easily change the role of an existing customer from dealer to VIP?

In this article, we will provide answers to these questions and more.

First, let's walk you through the process of creating a new role using our plugin. For instance, if you have customers who make frequent purchases and you want to offer them special prices with an additional discount, you can create a role called 'Dealer'. To create this role, navigate to the General Settings and click on the 'Add New Role' button. You can enter any desired name in the 'Role Name' field, so 'Dealer' is just an example.

Now, let's say some of your dealers make significantly larger purchases, and you want to provide them with an even better discount. In this case, you can create a role called 'VIP Dealer.'


Here's how you can assign this role to a specific customer:

  • Go to the Users section and select the customer you want to change.


  • In the list of available roles that you created earlier, choose the 'VIP Dealer' role.

That's it! You can easily change roles for your customers, whether you identify them by their names or emails. After that, you may go to “Products” and change the price for each item or set overall discounts and markups depending on the role with the “Price Adjustments” section.