Display custom text instead of “FREE” or $0.00 for specific users

In older versions of WooCommerce free prices used to display as “FREE!” and products with empty prices were not publishable. Now they changed this around. 

But according to customer psychology and display the value "0" has a negative impact on the user. It's much better to write your own text, which will say that this product is possible to receive as a gift, isn’t it? Or to inform, that the price is not established yet, and it can be requested individually.

Hide zero price WooCommerce

Well, here’s how you do it with Prices by User Role for WooCommerce.

Go to WooCommerce > Prices Prices by User Role > Hiding Rules > Rules for Registered Users.

  • In the Hide Empty Price section should activate checkbox with the role for which you want to hide the price.
  • If you’d like to display a custom message or login form, please refer to the section below entitled  “Text Instead of Empty Price”.


So this is a simple way to setup your WooCommerce store  if price for logged in users shouldn't be visible when not set (equals to zero).

To know more about plugin for creating pricing rules, check WoCommerce Prices by User Role

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