Creating custom roles for your WooCommerce store

As any proud owner of a WooCommerce e-store can testify to, you’ve tried oodles of features that have served handily for capturing the eyes of customers. Role based pricing is one such epic level feature, that you can’t afford to miss out on for your e-commerce website.

In this snappy tutorial, we’ll teach you how to add a custom user role to your store as the very first step in giving someone special pricing rules by using with Prices by User Role

Live example:

Wholesale users should see prices 50% lower than the regular price of the product.

First, you need to create a Wholesale role with access to special prices, select WooCommerce > Prices Prices by User Role > Settings

Step 1: Define the Role.

1. In the “User Roles for Special Pricing” section press the “Add New Role” button


2. In the Role Information section, enter a descriptive Role Name.

3. When complete, click the “Save Role” button. The new role now appears in the list of available role

Step 2: Add the New User.

There is one general way to add new user which described in official WP documentation, you can refer the following page

After the role has been created, you can: assign the new role to price limited access to the user.

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To know more about the product, check WoCommerce Prices by User Role

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