Turn WooCommerce into a product catalog

Envision that you have a WooCommerce-run shop and you possess a basic membership program. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could give access to prices to those customers based on their role and control it if you need to?

Through this tutorial, I’ll share with you how to use Prices by User Role features control price access.

For example, I’ve got a website with products that I want only the wholesale customers to see the prices so I have created a wholesale group and only registered users can access the prices. Non-registered users can only see the products and link to the Login form.

Go to WooCommerce > Prices Prices by User Role > Hiding Rules.

  • In the Rules for Non-Registered Users section, you should activate “Enable hidden prices for all products” checkbox.
  • In the “Text Instead of Price” field, you need to enter any text or HTML code that will be shown instead of the price.

catalog mode.jpg

Also you can hide prices and "Add to Cart" button for roles.

So in this simple way, you can achieve catalog mode functionality in your WooCommerce store.

To know more about the product, check WoCommerce Prices by User Role

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